May 17, 2020

I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my lower back 6 years ago; the pain was unbearable. I could only stand for a short period and had difficulty walking a long distance. My doctor suggested taking ibuprofen 600 mg and Pantoprazole 40mg to protect my stomach. Had difficulty sleeping through the night; I would wake up at in the night and do yoga stretches. I am a certified Yoga teacher and was afraid that I may not be able to continue teaching; because the pain was unbearable. I knew that’s not the way I wanted to live my life; I increased my intake of NeoLife Salmon Oil and Magnesium and stopped all the medication.

I was taking 2 pills of salmon Oil and 1 Magnesium pill; for about a year but was not seeing any results. So, this year, I gradually increased it to 5 salmon oil and 2 Magnesium pills; within a few days; I noticed the pain was completely gone. Now, I have decreased it to 4 and still no pain.

Now, I sleep through the night; which is a blessing itself. Also, I am able to teach Yoga; without the limitations. I have more energy and happiness that I no longer have to take medication. Thank you NeoLife; for giving me my life back.

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