I overcame diabetes and you can, too! 

 May 30, 2020

Celebrating 11 years free from type 2 diabetes.

Eleven years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes and started me on 500 mg of Metformin twice a day to treat the condition. Diabetes runs in my family; I was well aware that it would likely affect me at some point in my life.

I knew that it is NOT A CHRONIC DISEASE and is reversible, and I have control over that. I can do something about it, and I choose to. It is about quality of life, not the quantity of life.

I increased my exercise program, changed my diet, and started on natural whole food supplements. After two months, I had my blood test done, and the doctor told me I am no longer considered diabetic.

The good news: According to health experts, a healthy diet and moderate exercise can cut the risk of diabetes in half, even for people whose risk is already high.

Even more good news: you can cut your risk of diabetes quickly. “If you make a change in your diet or lifestyle today, you’re taking your foot off the accelerator, and that happens almost overnight,” says Walter Willett, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“If you exercise today, your insulin resistance goes down within hours. And if you keep up the daily exercise, within a day or two, your risk of diabetes drops.”

Many diabetes patients try to manage their condition with medications, but there are natural ways to balance blood sugar. The human body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to keep cells functioning at their highest level, and a shortage of any one of them can exacerbate diabetes symptoms.

Controlling diabetes naturally requires a holistic approach, with careful attention paid to all symptoms and comorbidities. Blood sugar, blood pressure, and fatigue can all be controlled with a variety of natural methods, including nutritional supplements, yoga, and Reiki. 

1. Take Glucose-Balancing Supplements

Supplements can help your body regulate its glucose better by managing glucose uptake, optimizing insulin sensitivity, and maximizing insulin receptor function. Although there are many supplements for overall health, diabetes patients want to seek out carefully designed blends that work for their symptoms.
Look for supplements that include Chromium and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, which can help cells respond properly to insulin. My recommended supplement is Neolife Glucose Balance, which contains both of those as well as cinnamon, turmeric, and curcumin. This blend helps manage blood sugar levels without harmful side effects.


2. Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to have beneficial effects on fasting blood sugar in type 2 diabetes patients, and can be helpful either before bed or first thing in the morning. It may also help with weight loss, which can be a challenge for people with diabetes.

Because of its strong taste, users should mix it with water before drinking it. It can also be used in salad dressings or mixed with mayonnaise. You can also mix it into tea with honey, lemon juice, or cinnamon. 

3. Get Enough Exercise

The American Diabetes Association recommends exercise for managing blood pressure and lowering insulin resistance. All forms of exercise, from walking to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), may be appropriate forms of exercise, depending on your current fitness levels.

If you’re not in shape, start with walking or jogging. Cycling is an excellent option because it doesn’t put as much strain on knees as running can. Water aerobics and swimming are also low-impact activities on the knees and joints.

4. Learn Yoga

Although type 2 diabetes is primarily a condition that affects blood sugar, there is also a link between diabetes and high blood pressure. Researchers aren’t sure what causes the relationship, but it can have serious impacts on diabetes patients’ lives.

Yoga may help reduce blood pressure because it’s a form of exercise and can also be very relaxing. It may help control stress, which, in turn, may help lower blood sugar levels.
If you’re new to yoga, consult with me about how to get started. The best poses and routines for you may depend on your current fitness and balance, as well as your overall health goals.


5. Increase Your Fibre

Soluble fibre can slow the absorption of sugar, improving overall blood sugar levels. Since it isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream the way sugar and carbs are, it’s a great way to eat healthily and feel full without blood sugar spikes. This can also help with weight loss.

Oats and barley are very high in fibre, as are certain fruits and vegetables. Brown rice, peas, and lentils are excellent high-fibre sides for meals. Processed versions of these foods may be lower in fibre, even if they’re marketed as whole grain, so try to prepare them yourself when possible.

For the most fibre possible, leave the skins on fruits. Cooking does not remove substantial amounts of fibre from vegetables, so they can be prepared any way you like. You can also try a fibre supplement if you need even more fibre.

6. Schedule a Reiki Appointment

Reiki is an energy healing method that may help heal the body naturally. Receiving Reiki massage or healing may help your cells and organs function better, improving blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It may help relieve fatigue, in particular, due to its relaxing effects on the body.

Reiki has no side effects and can also help decrease anxiety and depression. I offer certified Reiki services that can be customized to help relieve a variety of symptoms.

Taking Control of Your Health

I struggled with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and neuropathy pain before learning to take charge of my health through better nutrition and natural healing. Now, I’m thrilled to offer consultation and training to others who need natural health solutions.

I am trained in Reiki, yoga, herbalism, cognitive behavioural therapy, and a range of other natural methods that I have used on myself. My methods provide holistic healing that can restore your energy and strength. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me today to learn more.

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